Vtech Data Logger

Vtech Data Logger - $650 (02 Sensor sold separately)

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Supports crafts from 2004 through current skis. Requires an Android phone, iPhone, or tablet (Please specify if you would like the Android data logger or the iPhone data logger).
With the V-Tech Data Logger you can:

  • View and record data from on board sensors
  • Send logs to server
  • Read and erase error codes
  • Acts as a controller for AFR sensor. (Supports Bosch LSU 4.2 is not included. Must be purchased separately)
  • Log all critical data from your craft in a easy way.
  • You can see all values in real time and send the log to V-Tech technicians for evaluation.
    • Log engine parameters below:
    • Engine temp
    • Waterbox temp
    • Intake air temp
    • Throttle position
    • Air pressure / Boost
    • ECU power
    • Air Fuel Ratio (when using optional 02 sensor)
  • Remote live data.
  • Logger can transmit data from craft via GSM/3G, this data can be viewed lived while craft is driven. This data is sent in low resolution.
    Detailed logs can also be uploaded to server and viewed in detail. 10 and 20 samples per second.
  • Easy install, all onboard sensors is accessed via canbus
  • Easy connection via bluetooth