Fizzle Intercooler

Fizzle Supercooler

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The Fizzle SuperCooler is the largest Fizzle Intercooler ever made and is a direct plug-and-play fit into all Sea-Doo 300 HP watercraft! Featuring the Fizzle High Efficiency core design, the SuperCooler is designed for superior durability and maximal thermal transfer capacity. Achieve lower Intake Air Temperatures (IAT) from the core and experience a new level of throttle response with fully custom shaped air end tanks.

The Fizzle SuperCooler is built to handle all the horsepower you can throw at it, and is ideal for the highest performance supercharged and turbocharged applications. The integrated zinc anode provides added protection against corrosion. Included with your purchase is an unprecedented 2-year limited warranty.

Applications: All Sea-Doo 300 HP watercraft, including 2016-2017 RXP-X 300, RXT-X 300, GTX Limited 300. Replaces OEM BRP part number 276000335.

Fizzle Gen. X Intercooler

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Direct replacement for OEM Sea Doo 255 and 260 HP intercoolers and Riva Gen. 3 intercooler
Compatible with OEM Sea Doo 255 and 260 HP rubber intercooler air hoses and Riva Gen. 3 intercooler piping kit
Typical gains of 80-120+ peak RPMs over OEM Sea Doo 255 and 260 HP intercoolers
Eliminate intercooler heat fade
Kit contents: Fizzle™ Gen. X Sea-Doo Intercooler with waterline fittings
Will fit GTR 215 & GTX 215 S3 by retrofitting 260 air hoses, mounting pad and hardware
Utilizes stock intercooler location, works with stock exhaust system or aftermarket exhaust

Fizzle Y1000 Intercooler

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The Fizzle Y1000 Intercooler Kit is hands down our best performing intercooler for the Yamaha to date. This high efficiency intercooler core adds horsepower and virtually eliminates the heat fade that is experienced with the stock intercooler and even many aftermarket intercoolers.

  • Gain 2-3+ MPH top speed over OEM Yamaha SHO, SVHO intercooler
  • Gain 200-300+ peak RPMs, acceleration and throttle response
  • Kit Contents: The intercooler with blow-off valve flange, Genuine tial Blow off valve, full piping kit, mounting bracket system, and cooling line fittings
  • Fits all supercharged Yamaha watercraft 2008-2017, including GP1800r, FZR, FZS, FX SHO and SVHO models
  • A water strainer is recommended with any intercooled setup. It increases longevity and maintains peak performance by helping to prevent clogging of the water passages
  • Flushing the intercooler cooling circuit following each use is recommended for all users, and is necessary for salt water riders as salt water corrosion is the most destructive factor in the operation of most water-cooled marine intercoolers